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For almost 50 years, Earth Day has been one day that everyone can come together in celebration of the sacredness of our planet, and our connections to it and each other. This year marks many big changes for us and our planet, and we recognize how necessary and important is has become to have a time and place to celebrate our planet, our existence on it, and each other. This year’s EarthDay work group has been working tirelessly to produce an unforgettable experience for Spokane that will take place on April 22 & 23, 2017.

We are proud to announce some big changes this year for Spokane’s Fifth Annual EarthDay festival! This is a grassroots community effort that has exponentially grown in levels of artist, vendor, business, and community participation every year. This has always been an event that celebrates the diversity in our community by asking people from all cultures and walks of life to come together and celebrate one of the biggest things we all have in common; our planet. This year, due to participant and vendor requests, we have decided to double our festival in length and size!

To celebrate our five years running, we are embarking on a few new missions. This year our biggest celebration as of yet is booking the Pavillion area in Riverfront Park! Between using a large section of Spokane’s most iconic landmark, and the neighboring central meadow this year holds more potential for growth that we’ve seen so far! It will be a gorgeous sight filled with the best of our community’s art and culture showcased between two dome structures that will cover our stages! Our group is committed to reaching out to many new sustainable focused artists and vendors, with the goal of providing unique and usable information to all.  There is also a small list of other attractions we are working tirelessly to secure. EarthNight this year, (concerts held in the dome structures, with live artists, dancers, and aerial performers) will be hosted again, as last year’s turnout was a smashing success! However, in order to be able to book more notorious artists and key people/performers we will be fencing off the area around the domes and charging a small fee for EarthNight participation. This leaves room to include things like a beer garden featuring local brewers, and allows some of our 502 businesses to be represented to the appropriate audience as well. Both domes will have a fully projected visual experience, and music from sundown until the local noise ordinance takes effect.

We have many levels of community involvement to offer this year, and the potential for growth is unlimited! In addition to planning this year’s festival, we are also looking into business models and forming an official organization that will create a few local jobs that are dedicated to keeping this unique and treasured event in our community!
This year we are adding outside food and beverages for the first time, and are working on building many other amazing features! We have applied for double the space and are also expanding the event to two days!

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